Medicare Part C

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Medical costs can amount to something that’s difficult to manage if you don’t have insurance.  When you’ve signed up for Medicare programs, there are still some areas in healthcare that aren’t covered.  For these particular situations, you have Medicare parts to rely on.  When you do a comparison of plans from A thru L, a lot of the gaps can be filled out by Medicare Part C.

The Benefits of Having Plan C

If a supplement is what you need for the various health insurance costs, this is one of the best plans.  Basic coverage is provided for as well as other benefits.  With regard to basic benefits, you have coinsurance for the hospital costs of Medicare Part A.  Also, if your Medicare benefits are used up, you’ll be given an extra 365 days.  Gaps with Medicare Part B in terms of copayments are also included.  This, however, doesn’t include services on preventative care.  The first three pints of blood are covered just like plans A and B and you also have coverage on copayments for skilled nursing facility care.  On this particular feature, without Medicare Part C, you’ll be paying about $134 after 20 to 100 days.

Copayments for preventative care under Medicare are also covered.  If you like to travel, this is the plan for you because it covers specific costs with Foreign Travel Emergencies.  Aside from that, you can rest easy knowing you have coverage with the deductible for hospice care under Medicare Part A.  Only the excess of Part B, at home recovery and additional preventive care isn’t covered by this plan.