Medicare Part E

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If you arenít insured with any kind of medical care plan, youíll be looking at extremely high costs with getting healthcare in the future. In order to protect your finances from medical expenses, you can get insurance like Medicare. The problem with this insurance, both part A and B donít cover many other essentials. You should consider Medicare parts to extend the coverage provided by regular insurance.

Basic Benefits Covered by Plan E

The basic benefits of the first three pints of blood, coinsurance for Medicare Part A hospital costs, copayments for Part B coverage (preventative care not included) and Medicare insurance under preventative copayments are covered. In addition to these, Medicare part E also provides benefits for Medicare Part A deductible, preventative care Part B coinsurance as well as those not covered by Medicare, skilled nursing facility care coinsurance and Medicare coverage when travelling outside the US.

Letís say you need preventive care that isnít covered by your Medicare plan. If you have Medicare part E set up, it will shoulder the costs for you. Otherwise, you have to come out of pocket for the full price. Even with this kind of coverage, there are still some items that Plan E doesnít cover. These relate to hospice care copayment, excess charges with Part B, the deductible with Part B and at home recovery.

An important point to remember as well is that this particular plan will no longer be available after June 1 of 2010. However, if youíve purchased a plan before that date, your medicare plan E could still be active.