Medicare Part J

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Anything that health insurance under Medicare doesnít cover for falls under insurance plans you can get from private providers. There are 12 choices for you with insurance that fills in the gaps of Medicare and perhaps one of the most comprehensive is Medicare part J.

How Extensive is Medicare part J?

When you look at the chart that most private insurance providers have about the coverage of Medicare , youíll see a list thatís composed of basic benefits, deductibles for Medicare part A and part B, excess costs in part B, at home recovery, coinsurance for skilled nursing, additional preventative care and foreign travel emergency. With some other Medicare parts, there are parts of the chart that are left blank because the plan doesnít cover for those things. Under Medicare part J, everything will be ticked off. Thatís right! youíll get everything with Medicare part J.

For instance, you need additional preventative care and these services arenít covered by Medicare. Some of the costs on these will be covered for by the Plan J policy. If you need blood for example, you can get everything that you need because this plan covers the cost of the first three pints. Anything more is provided for by your Medicare insurance. As for the deductibles for Part B Medicare, the yearly deductible of $135 can be charged to Medicare part J.

Considerations with Plan J, however is that you have to pay for the deductible amount of $2000 before the plan kicks in. Also, this plan has ceased to be sold in June 1, 2010.