Medicare Part K

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Without the right kind of coverage, various costs like deductibles, coinsurance and copayments have to be made out of pocket. Even if you have Medicare, it doesn’t necessarily protect you from all the angles. You can be covered for the most part but what if you need three pints of blood? This is where the Medicare plans like Medicare Plan K come in.

A Little Bit More Coverage from Medicare Part K

Coinsurance for Medicare Part A and Part B are lacking when you have Medicare insurance in place. If you have Medicare Plan K, however, you have something to buffer the costs for these. You’ll get 100% protection from coinsurance Medicare Part A and 50% for Part B. Preventative care under Part B coinsurance is also covered by Plan K. So is 50% of the cost of the first three pints of blood.

Other than that, you also get 50% benefits for skilled nursing coinsurance. You might need to enter a skilled nursing facility to further your treatment and healthcare. Without any of the Medicare plans, you have to shoulder the costs for this. Armed with Plan K, you have a helping hand. 50% of hospice care copayment is covered as well as 50% of the deductible for Medicare Part A.

If there’s only a small gap where you’re unprotected in healthcare, Plan K will bridge these gaps. Once you meet the annual limit for out of pocket and Medicare Part B deductibles, Plan K cover you for the costs of healthcare services on the remaining calendar year.